Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cardinal George Resumes Public Schedule

Almost 2 months after having his cancerous bladder removed, Cardinal George resumed his public schedule yesterday. One of the thoughts he experienced after the first surgery, was that of death, in the belief that he was dying.

From Catholic OnLine:

"The important thing when you die is to be ready to surrender your whole life to the Lord," he said. "When you've done that, when you've given the Lord your life, that brings a certain peace. After that, it's up to the Lord to take care of you, and he will. That's his end of the bargain."

And, while being in pain makes it difficult to think, Cardinal George said he could feel the prayers thousands of people were saying for him.

"I knew I wasn't alone," he said. "I could sense that I was in people's prayers. I could also sense the presence of the Lord. The Lord was with me, and he brought his friends – and quite a few of my friends, too."

Thankfully, Cardinal George will remain with us for a while longer, until the Lord calls him to His side.