Thursday, February 23, 2006

On SNAP and Accountability

Shelray over at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex has an excellent post this morning providing a little more insight into SNAP. It seems that this group that claims concern for truth and justice has been guilty of publicly accusing priests of sexual abuse even before any police investigations are undertaken. So far, a couple of dozen priests SNAP has publicly accused have been exonerated when the police have investigated. Is there any accountability on the part of SNAP? You would think they might want to demonstrate some...but go see what Shelray reports that they have to say on the matter.

If wasn't already, it should be coming much clearer that SNAP has an agenda against Catholic priests and the Church. SNAP demonstrates that they cannot be trusted with telling the truth. Crying wolf a couple of times maybe, but 24 times... It's time for a more responsible advocacy group to step in because SNAP has shown itself to be unprincipled and incompetent, and in truth, not much different than the predators they claim to be trying to weed out.