Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Conservative" Catholic Groups Join in Call For Cardinal George To Resign

There are two more groups who are asking for the resignation of Cardinal George. These two groups, the Ad Hoc Committee for the Prevention of Clergy Sex Abuse and the Roman Catholic Faithful have gone as far as to call for all donations to be withheld on Easter Sunday, as it is believed that this money will be spent on "payoffs" to keep victims of sexual abuse silent.
These two groups have been assumed to be "conservative" and catholic. They join in with the other packs, including SNAP, in seeing that Cardinal George is removed from office.

For "conservative groups", I find their tactics and paranoid demands very disturbing. Withhold offerings because they believe the funds will be used to pay off victims?!! How long do they recommend doing that? Just Easter? If "payoffs" was their only concern, don't they think the "payoffs" could just wait another week? I think someone needs to "shake" themselves and come down off what ever trip they're on, and just think about what they are doing! Something is wrong here. I guess just because one has similar "conservative" opinions as the church, doesn't necessarily make one a good Catholic. Who knows, I maybe way off base and the "paranoid one".
CBS2 Chicago