Friday, March 10, 2006

"Why SNAP has ZERO credibility."

Fr. Martin Fox has a short posting today on SNAP's credibility:

Yesterday, the Archdiocese [of Cinccinnati] announced that a priest, accused of many acts of abuse of young men, had been laicized by the pope.

Here's what appeared in the Dayton Daily News today:

"Strittmatter still poses a threat to children," SNAP said. "His defrocking does not mean that he has been 'fixed.'"

It simply means that Archbishop Pilarczyk can now officially 'wash his hands' of him from now on."

Now[,] use your imagination to see what SNAP would have said had the Archbishop not sought the man's laicization. In fact, try to imagine all the various permutations, and then guess what SNAP would have said.

See how they work? No matter what you do, they're gonna bash you.

(Now let's see how they try to hit me because I dare to criticize their behavior.)

Domenico Bettinelli has added his own comments as well.